Friday, January 8, 2010


I first started going to the Union Square Greenmarket back in the late 1980s and early 1990s. I fell in love with farm markets back then. But I did not begin to understand their value until I had to start working a farm market myself. And the first market I worked was the Hudson Farm Market in Hudson, New York in 2008.

Working a farmers market is not easy. You have to get up early, like farmers do, and get into your spot, and set up your stand, come rain, shine, summer sun or fall cold. It's not easy. But there are real benefits. I met many of my fellow farmers and began to understand the value of the farm market, not only as it applied to getting fresh, local food, but the implications of local food economies. The slow food movement. The understanding of how local farming influences local cuisine. How keeping land in agricultural use is important to boh the folks who live in the argicultural communities, but also what value that has for suburban and urban dwellers.

And of course, it also about building community. I really got to meet a lot of great people and was thrilled most mornings to be at the market. Me and my kids looked forward to breakfast at the farmers market, which usually consisted of farm fresh whole milk in glass bottles, and frsh baked breads, cakes and pies baked by local artisans. It was incredible. I learned about cheesemaking, fruit farming, beef and poultry farming. And I got a real understanding about what the differences are between mega-farms, and local, especially organic, locally produced products.

There's lots of good people at the market.

City of Hudson Farmers' Market Mission Statement:
The purpose of the farmers' market is to provide city and county residents and visitors with convenient access to high quality locally grown, farm fresh produce sold directly by local farmers, and to provide locals farmers with a direct outlet for their farm produce in the city.

HFM's "About Us":
The Hudson Farmers' Market was started many years ago by Milt Meisner and Norman Posner. We continue to strive to support their founding vision and provide Hudson with fresh local product from family farms, being sold by farmers directly to their ever loyal customers.

Since Milt's "retirement" we have continued to grow and offer a wider variety of products (cheese & Mushrooms NEW last year with Muesli cereal and grain products and more coming this year) and more vendors (we are up to 21) each year. Milt is very proud! Come by on Saturday morning and you can buy a cup of "Market Coffee" from Milt at his coffee stand and he will be happy to tell you the full story!!

Come be a part of what makes Columbia County great - Agriculture at its best! Support our local family farms and you will be doing your part to keep your County green and growing...See you at the market!

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